1st Sunday in the month



Church on the first Sunday of the month is an hour long service on the first Sunday of every month.

We hope this service is relaxed and informal, especially for those who have never been to church, or haven't been for a while. 

You may already be involved in one of our midweek activities, or just want to come along. Whatever the reason, please come and enjoy spending time with us.

Church on first Sunday of the month is 1 hour and will consist of the following (or some of the following)

  • Tea and coffee | All good events have tea and coffee, and this event is no different (and sometimes there is cake or toast too)
  • Worship | Telling Jesus how much we love him and admire him through singing (you are not required to join in, you can just listen to the words that are being sung)
  • Bible reading | A short bit from the Bible that has relevance to what we are looking at together during the service
  • A short talk | Usually between 10-15 minutes. Someone will share their thoughts on the Bible reading
  • Prayers | When we thank God for good things, say sorry for things we haven't done too well and asking him to help us 



If you have any questions about Church on the first Sunday of the month or are unsure about coming, please get in contact with us.

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